Punjab Govt Enables Admission In Bachelor’s/Intermediate Programs Online

In order to facilitate the admission process for students of bachelor’s and intermediate level, the Government of Punjab has introduced a highly effective Online College Admissions System (OCAS) that is set to revolutionize the way aspirants seek admission in various colleges.

The system, OCAS, has been devised to provide convenient, time-saving and dependable information and access to students seeking admission in bachelor’s and intermediate level programs offered by public colleges across Punjab. While the program was launched in 2021, its true potential and efficacy will be gauged in the admission session for the year 2022, following FA/FSc and matric exam results.

Students passing the matriculation exam can seek admissions in various intermediate colleges across Punjab through OCAS system, while those passing the FA/FSc exams could look for options in colleges for admissions in various BS and ADP programs for the year 2022.

This is a highly commendable initiative by the Punjab government which recognizes on ground difficulties students and parents face during the admission process.

The admissions for both intermediate and bachelor level programs usually open in summer months, meaning parents and students have to suffer scorching heat for hours at length to obtain even the most basic information about the admission process.

It is a reality that issues like a lack of shaded areas, limited parking spaces and loads of paper work compound the difficulties students and parents face while going about the admission process.

With OCAS, the stakeholders will have the option to search relevant information like availability of seats, key dates, processes and document requirements from the comfort of their homes and even the actual application process can be undertaken online.

The Punjab government will only be charging a nominal application fee of Rs 25 per program that could be paid through a vast network of bank branches. Students and their parents will also be able to keep a track of their application status through OCAS website, while a dedicated helpline and online guides and tutorials have also been made available for the ease of students.

Such efforts by the government should be highly appreciated to encourage the government to introduce more and more contact-less processes for other educational programs (matriculation, masters) as well.

Job well done, Punjab government.